GMUC iCare®

Questions About Our GMUC iCare® Video Call Service

What is GMUC iCare®?
GMUC iCare® is an easy and affordable way to connect with a healthcare provider online, anytime you need care. A treatment option offered exclusively to State of Alabama patients, GMUC iCare® is ideal for the treatment of relatively minor conditions that still need medical attention.

How does GMUC iCare® work?
It’s easy! All you need is an internet connection and a GMUC iCare® account. Once logged into GMUC iCare®, you can choose GMUC iCare® as a care option. After answering a series of questions about your medical history and current symptoms, a provider will review the symptoms and will respond quickly. GMUC iCare® is setup to allow you – the patient to schedule an appointment time that is convenient for you. A diagnosis and recommended treatment plan will be sent through a secure message via the GMUC iCare® portal. In some cases a provider may not be able to provide a diagnosis through GMUC iCare®. In that case, a secure message with a recommendation for next steps will be sent to you.

Who can use GMUC iCare®?
Anyone currently located within the state of Alabama.

How do I start an GMUC iCare® video visit?
1. Once you log into GMUC iCare®, select “Start an iCare” on the home page.
2. Choose your symptom from the list and answer a few questions about your symptom and medical history
3. Submit your payment method
4. A provider will send you a secure message through GMUC iCare® within two hours* of receiving your GMUC iCare® questionnaire.
5. If you need a prescription, it will be sent to your pharmacy.

Can I use GMUC iCare® for emergency care?
No. If you need emergency care, please call 911.

Can I get a prescription if needed?
Yes. Medications may be prescribed if the provider decides it is appropriate. Certain controlled medications may not be prescribed through GMUC iCare®.

Is my GMUC iCare® private and secure?
Yes. GMUC iCare® takes place in the GMUC iCare® portal. GMUC iCare® complies with HIPAA regulations and uses the latest encryption technology to ensure your health information is kept private and secure.

GMUC iCare® is reviewed and diagnosed by a pool of board-certified physician assistants and licensed nurse practitioners trained in virtual care. The questions that you will be asked during your GMUC iCare® are structured to ensure the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan are delivered. If the provider believes that the symptoms are too complex or require an in-person visit, they will follow-up with options for care. 

Who provides care through GMUC iCare®?
One of our physicians at Greater Mobile UrgentCare.

What does GMUC iCare® cost?
Just $49 per GMUC iCare® video visit.

Will my insurance cover GMUC iCare®?
No, the cost is $49 per GMUC iCare® video visit.

When do I pay for my GMUC iCare®?
You will be able to pay for your GMUC iCare® with a debit or credit card. You will be asked to enter your card information at the end of your GMUC iCare® request.

Will my credit card be charged for a visit? Yes. If further care is needed your provider will instruct you as to how to continue your care at one of our five convenient clinics.

Who do I contact for support during my GMUC iCare® apapointment?
For help with our GMUC iCare®, call the GMUCare team at (251) 633-0123 or email